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Fifth edition 06 t/m 10
nov 2019


Artificial Intelligence

The fourth edition of InScience focuses on the theme Artificial Intelligence and the consequences of it on our society. The development of artificial intelligence increases rapidly. Many scientists consider it as one of the most important discussions of our time.

How will artificial intelligence change our life? What are the consequences of the use of artficial intelligence at our society? Although scientists agree about the fact that it is an important discussion, there is a very wide range of opinions. Not only they disagree about what the possibilities are in the future, also they differ in the appreciation of artificial intelligence: from big concerns to wildly optimistic.  InScience shows the discussion of the developments: the impact, the possibilities, the threats and dilemma’s around this rapidly changing technology.

program 2018

InScience shows the best science films that have been released worldwide this year, international top scientists share their newest insights and an extensive educational program encourages students to see the difference between fact and fiction. Present at the festival will be Philipp Blom (historian and philosopher) about the consequences of artifical intelligence and climate change on our democratic society, Max Welling (UvA) about the power of selflearning systems in combination with data processing and Pim Haselager (Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour) about robotica and ethical dilemma’s.

The best films from the main program of InScience are competing for the NTR Audience Award. The full program will be announced in October.

Ticket sale starts on October 18th and the full program will appear online.